About Us

We are students, workers, developers and concerned.

We are working to make the world a better place on our scale. Raven Project was born from the observation that some things are going wrong such as access to knowledge and its quality.

We sincerely hope that our work will help as many people as possible to do what we think is important:

Move in the right way.

Our Projects

Our projects are all open source and available for free.
We are only financed through our own funds and donations.

Raven DOI


RavenDOI is a browser extension that allows you to transform DOIs into clickable links

Raven News

In Progress

RavenNews is a community-based browser extension that allows you to rate and source sites and articles.

Some Stats









Support us

You can support us in many ways

By contributing

All contributions are welcome on github or by email. Feel free to contact us as often as necessary.

By reporting bugs

If you encounter a bug or unexpected behavior with one of our tools, you can email us so that we can fix it.

By talking about us

We try to reach as many people as possible but you can participate by simply talking about us.

By donation

All our projects are available in open source and will remain so. If you would like to support us financially, here are some links below.



Get In Touch

Feel free to contact us about bugs, features or anything else.